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Younes Zarou Complete Biography

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Younes Zarou best photoQuick Facts:

Who is Younes Zarou?

Younes Zarou is the most well-known TikTok user in Germany. Earlier this year, he made his debut on the TikTok app, which was launched in August. The fact that he chose to do a duty known as the stay-at-home and relocated to Tiktok for almost a month during the Corona season helped to boost his popularity.

A rising number of people are becoming more interested in Zarous’ personal information, such as his age, ethnicity, and intentions for marriage, as a consequence of his growing celebrity. In order to do this, we’ve put together the following.

Younes Zarou age and physical stats

Younes Zarou (age 23) was born on January 26, 1998, in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 26th day of the month of January. The 31-year-old is a Muslim who also happens to be a German citizen, and he practises both faiths simultaneously. In the world of YouTube videos, he is a well-known personality.

On the physical front, he stands 5’8″ (1.78m) tall and weighs around 60 kilogrammes (about 78 pounds) (132 lbs). In addition to being a fitness enthusiast, the TikTok star is a model. His features include brown eyes and a blond haircut, and he wears his hair in a bob style. His body measurements are 44-28-38 inches, and he weighs 230 pounds.

Younes Zarou Early life

For much of Zarou’s childhood, he lived in Flörsheim am Main. In line with his educational background, he has now enrolled at the Provides School of International Management and Technology, where he will pursue a degree in business informatics.

In the past, the former Eintracht Frankfurt B-youth player had shown an interest in playing professional football and had even agreed to participate in a short training session with the club. However, he found that self-discipline is crucial for achieving success despite his decision to retire from football. He undertakes professional press work, according to Zarou’s manager Adil Sbai.

Younes Zarou Ethnicity

Many people claim that Zarou is descended from Indians. Or to put it another way, does Zarou, a German Tiktok sensation, have Indian ancestry?


Younes Zarou Ethnicity
Younes Zarou Ethnicity

Source: TikTok(@youneszarou)

Without a doubt, Younes is not an Indian. In addition to being from a huge family on TikTok, his mother is a nurse and his father is in the auto repair industry. In his mother’s native Germany, he claims, and in his father’s native Monaco, he claims to be from. In terms of heritage or where he hails from, it’s unclear what more the actor has to say.

Younes Zarou TikTok

Younes Zarou has quickly risen to become one of Germany’s most famous TikTok performers after joining the platform in 2019.

Younes Zarou is a German internet personality and influencer who is most known for his illusion videos and courses. He is also a magician.

When he began using TikTok in 2019, he had a following of around 40 million people, according to the app’s website.

Younes Zarou tiktok
Younes Zarou TikTok Followers

Source: Source: TikTok(@youneszarou)

He goes by the name @youneszarou on the social media platform TikTok.

A second TikTok account of Younes, which has 3.5 million German-speaking admirers, exists in addition to his main TikTok account, which has 40 million followers.

“My channel dedicated entirely to my #YZfamily,” his profile says on his German TikTok account, which he uses under the ID @youneszar. “My channel dedicated solely to my #YZfamily.”

Younes Zarou Wife

The 23-year-old is said to be married and the father of a young daughter, according to many reports. He hasn’t made a great issue out of his marriage. However, the information of his wife is still unknown, so we cannot disclose who really is her wife. We will update you with the information as soon as there is something.

Younes Zarou Career

Younes grew up in the town of Flörsheim am Main, which is close to Frankfurt am Main. When he performed live on stage for a whole month straight with no breaks as recently as March 2020, he was able to draw in an audience of up to 200,000 people on each concert. It is the fact that he not only releases new films, but also a large amount of behind-the-scenes video, that distinguishes his work. These original videos have been seen by more than 100 million people.

Younes Zarou with Will Smith
Younes Zarou with Will Smith

Source: Instagram(@youneszarou)

Younes Zarou is a certified Tiktok Photographer who has amassed a following of more than 30 million people.

Younes Zarou Net Worth

Younes Zarou’s current net worth is valued at $4 million according to the stock market. Since becoming a social media influencer, his primary source of income has been sponsorships and endorsement agreements. Younes has become affluent and comfortable as a result of his involvement in the social media sphere.

According to, influencer Younes is expected to earn $22,140 – $36,900 per post and has a one percent engagement rate. Aside from that, his heart rate is typically about 350k per minute.

In accordance with, Mr. Zarou may anticipate to earn $5,433 – $9,055 each post, with an engagement rate of 7.75 percent, based on his previous posts.

In addition, the 5’8″ celebrity serves as an ambassador for a variety of various businesses. T-shirts by Younes, for example, start at 27.90 euros, according to the company’s website. He will also be entertaining his audience on the platform live for a month in March 2020, with a commitment of up to 200,000 people at a time, starting in March 2020.


Did you know?

  • In his early years, Younes made the decision between being a professional soccer player or a social media sensation.
  • In addition, the devout Muslim adds that he does five daily prayers, does not eat any alcoholic beverages, and does not like attending social events such as parties. It is reasonable to deduce from this statement that he is not an outgoing personality who is comfortable sharing personal information with others.
  • Younes created a second TikTok account, 2youneszar, so that he could post entertaining videos and short stories on a daily basis and keep his followers entertained.
  • The young star has 1.1 million Instagram followers and is a very active user of the social networking site.
  • It’s probable that his Tiktok fans would like the illusion videos and instructions that Younes provides on the platform.