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Who is Terry Durbow?

Terry Durbow


Terry Durbow Early Life and Education

Terry Durbow was to his parents Alvin Durbow who is the father and Laura Durbow who is the mother. Terry and Kevin, who is his older brother, were raised together in Los Angeles. His brother was a singer in the Quiet riot, But sadly he died in 2007. He married the superstar of “Real Housewife of Orange county ” Heather Durbow, They have four childrens together.


Terry Durbow went to University of california, Yale university and los angeles school of medicines, from where he received his medical degree, and he also has master degree from the Yale university. He went to complete his studies of being a surgeon from Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and he completed his fellowship from there.




Terry Durbow Physical Appearance

He is  5 Feet 6 inches (1.70 cm) tall, and weighs roughly around 80kg (170lbs). His physique is in good shape, with a chest of 35, a waist of 35 inches and hips of 28 inches. He too has a handsome appearance, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had a really good transformation of six weeks, he had lost around 30 pounds, which is incredible. He goes to the gym five times a week and he also does a little bit of cardio, he does lots of lifting weights. He said that this is all because of 16 hours of fasting. His physical trainer is not known.


Terry Durbow Career

Dr Terry Durbow who is a plastic surgeon who was first seen in reality show which was first aired on FOX in 2004, The Swan. It’s been a passion for Dr Terry Durbow to become a plastic surgeon, which not only helps his patient but also helps him to gain clout and money. The show is very successful and interesting to watch. He first began to teach his students in UCLA school medicine, he taught there three years after being appointed as the chief resident of general and plastic surgery.

He has lots of fantastic reviews from all his patients and many other doctors from many countries. He got a lot of offers from many hospitals but he refused and declined. He wanted to focus on what he was planning to do.

He started to practice facelifts ,rhinoplasty,tummy tucks, He started working as a plastic surgeon where all his patients were confident about him and his members too.

Every surgery takes around one to two hours, his patients are always delighted after surgeries. He helps his patients to get the best of the best after every surgery after they look in the mirror.

“I always treat the patient as a whole human being,” says Dr. Dubrow in one of his interviews.


Terry Durbow Personal Life-Love Life  Relationship and Friends 

Dr Terry Durbow married an actress from the Real HouseWives of Orange county Heather Durbow in 1999, They have four children together. Heather and Terry have been together for 25 years which is crazy. Heather is 10 years younger than Terry which is mind blowing. There is a rumor that Terry and Heather are not together which is completely wrong,They have been together for 25 years living happy lives.  Heather was born on 5 January 1969, she is 53 years of age. She is an actress and also a Television personality. Her first ever movie was released in 1994 named “Married with children”.


Terry Durbow is related to Kevis Durbow, Kevin Durbow is his younger brother. He is a singer in the  band of quiet riot . They lived together in Los Angeles. But sadly his brother died in 2007.

The bond between Terry and Paul Nassif is incredible, not only they make shows together but they are also best friends outside the film industry too. They work together and have fun together and they also do plastic surgeries together too. They have known each other for a long time from 1999.They have been friends for more than two decades.




Dr Terry Durbow has many hobbies like reading,traveling,learning and photography

He likes to read books,novels. He even wrote a whole book on himself talking about his life and personal lifes, his book name is ‘’ The Durbow Diet ’’.


Terry likes to take photos of nature, in his instagram, he posts a lot of photos of plants, buildings, scenery, sunrise etc.it shows that he loves to take photos. Terry also likes to learn about the world.He spends most of the time reading books,like anatomy etc.


He also likes to travel around the world, in his instagram he posts lots of photos of him traveling across the globe, this shows that he loves to travel.


Terry Durbow Net Worth

Are you wondering how much Terry Durbow makes annually, according to credible resources his net worth is predicted to be around $60 million dollars. He is known to be the richest surgeon in the world with more than 50 million dollars in his bank account. He makes 80,000 to 50,000 dollars a month.