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Topper Guild Biography

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Topper Guild Quick facts:


Topper Guild

Birth Name

Topper Adam Guild

Nick Name


Date of Birth

21st August,2002

Place of Birth

United States


TikTok Star, YouTuber, Pranster










Not known


2 sisters and1 brother


5’8”(173 cm)


64 kg (141 lbs)






Topper Guild


$1 million

 Who is Topper Guild ?

Topper’s full name is Topper Adam Guild. He is a famous Tik Tok star because of his prank videos and also lip-sync videos. He’s also an American social media influencer.  Mostly he’s seen with his dad in his Tik Tok videos. Day by Day he’s popularity on social media like instagram and TikTok is increasing because he is continuously active on social media and everyday he’s posting four to five videos.

Where is Topper Guild from?

August 21, 2002 is the Date Of Birth of Topper Guild. His nickname is Topper. Topper Guild’s birthplace is the United States. Though we don’t have any idea about his exact birth place as it is also not available on informative platforms. He belongs to Christian religion. He has white ethnicity. He’s been active since 2017 on all social media platforms.

Encouraged by his elder brother, as his brother explained him he’s a talented boy and he also added that many people are getting verified and gaining lot of fame by just sharing videos than why he can’t do this and as Topper  always want to be a social media influencer so, by following his elder brother instructions Topper started posting videos on TikTok. He started posting videos on  TikTok from early 2018 onwards.

 Family, Friends and his favourite things

Adam Guild is his father who is also creating videos on TikTok and around 315K followers on TikTok. Both son and father make  daily videos and post them on TikTok.

Whenever Topper is free, he goes to the gym for workouts. In Christmas 2019, he bought a puppy for himself. Topper Guild best friends are Lexi Griswold and Phoebe henderson. He loves  watching films and cartoons. Pizza, Paneer, and Chocolate are some of his favourite foods. Margot Robbie and Alexandra Daddario are Topper Guild’s favourite actresses. Arnold Schwarzenegger and  Sylvester Stallone Topper Guild’s favourite actors and he learnt many skills from them. Black and Green Guild’s favourite colour. California, London is one of the favourite places for Topper Guild. He loves travelling and dancing and he also loves to drive cars and bikes.

Topper is known for his comedy videos, prank clips and for his lifestyle. He makes TikTok videos with his group of friends and his dad too. He is also loved by millions on instagram just because of his lifestyle and comedy content. He’s also well known for his comedy sketch videos

Topper Guild TikTok/Social media fame

He has 30 millions, massive followers on TikTok and also 346.8 million overall likes on his TikTok videos as last reported by October, 2021. He’s also verified on TikTok. He got such a huge success due to his one of the content videos that got viral on TikTok and from there he became one of the most popular content creators on social media.

On instagram, his account is named as @joeealbanese and on YouTube, named as Topper Guild. As before Guild has

Only 60,000 followers on instagram, than also he keep trying but didn’t get that much success and then he stopped working hardly for his videos and than again his elder brother encouraged him that he should not stop working for his success and on that low point he also read book named “The Dip” which was written by Seth Govind and he get inspired a lot and again started working with more willpower and dedication just because he is  encouraged by his elder brother and that “The Dip” book.

And then he got viraled for his comedy content videos, and his thousands of followers turned to millions.

And now Topper has 3,63,000 followers on instagram. He’s famous for his prank videos. He started posting videos on instagram by 2018 onwards. Many times, he also posts photos with her two sisters. Guild also has a youtube channel with 3.9 millions subscribers. If we find an average around 1 million he gets on his daily posting TikTok videos. 

On snapchat, he’s account is named as topperg1. And in March 2021, his one prank video is viraled on spotlight. As if anybody asks for his Twitter account, he’s  neither active on Twitter nor does he have a Twitter account.

Topper Guild’s Height and Weight

 Topper  height is around 5 feet 8 inches. He weighs 64 kg. He’s 19 year old. His eyes are of green colour and black colour hair. As his zodiac sign is not updated yet. And he is unmarried.

What is the Net worth of Topper Guild?

He’s really very popular for his TikTok videos and also for prank videos. He gained lots of followers and subscribers due to his talent and hardwork. If we talk about his net worth then it is around one million dollars.

Topper Guild Girlfriend/Relationship status

He is currently dating Colie. Her real name is Nicole Nuanez. Colie is also a TikTok star. She usually makes modelling, lip-syncing and dancing videos on TikTok and by sharing this video she earned a lot of fame.

Topper Guild Girlfriend
Topper Guild with his Girlfriend


Topper engaged to Colie in February 2021, but for a few months they announced that they have cancelled their engagement, but now again they are together and enjoying each other’s company.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What’s the current age of Topper Guild and his girlfriend?

Topper Guild and his girlfriend, both are  19 years old.

Current relationship status of Topper Guild?

As now he’s keeping his love life private, we aren’t sure whether he’s in a relationship or single.

How did Topper get famous?

He became viraled and famous for his TikTok videos and prank clips.

Topper Guild is a perfect example for young generation girls and boys that how they can use their skills and can achieve their dreams working consistently and never quitting just like Topper Guild.

As he saw a lot of up-downs while he was at the starting point of his career, but his never stopping type attitude made him a famous personality in the social media world. He really influenced many people. So, this is all we can try to share information related to Topper Guild.