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Shammi Prasad Biography

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Shammi PrasadQuick facts:


Shammi Prasad

Birth Name

Shammi Prasad

Nick Name


Date of Birth

1st February,1993

Place of Birth



Youtuber,social media star










6’1” (185 cm)


70 kg (154 lbs)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Sarah Rae

Net Worth

$13 million





Who is Shammi Prasad?

Shammi Prasad, a well-known Facebook personality, was born on February 1st, 1993. Simply Sammi is his pet name. Shammi Prasad took a risky career path and became a well-known Facebook personality. This decision had a huge financial and non-financial impact on his life. 

His joke, challenges, and vlogging videos have made him a big star. In the Facebook group, his clips went viral several times.

His youtube videos have also made him popular on all other social platforms. On Facebook, he has almost 15 million fans, and on YouTube, he has around 930,000 fans. 

He is a cheerful person who enjoys playing around, as indicated by his video content. His appealing attitude, attractive face, and intriguing video content have led him to where he is now.

He is well-known for his brother’s vlogs, pranks, dares, and regular Q&A sessions. Pranking his sibling is one of his most renowned videos. Shammi’s height, weight, birthdate, net value, dating, and full bio are all mentioned below.


Shammi Prasad is a well-known Facebook who is most famous for his jokes and challenging videos. In 2014, he made his first Facebook post. He is among the most well-known Facebook stars, with over 15 million fans.

Jumping off from the terrace of the Meriton, a 50-storeyed building in Southport, Queensland, became one of his top popular posts. He posted a video to Instagram of a man being thrown to the ground from an incredible height and then breaking his fall with a parachute.

The stunt landed him in hot water, with major media around the world attacking him and urging countries to arrest him.

He is also famous for a prank at the Tournament. The Melbourne Cup is a very prominent horse race in Australia. To the disgust of the audience, he turned off the projector and raised his fist in triumph. The public was angry and tried to physically abuse him, but he was able to flee with the help of security. Queensland Police questioned him later, however, he was freed after no incident occurred.

Similarly, his regular YouTube series titled “How to annoy your mates off” features him teasing his friends. His videos typically receive over 5 million views, and his subscriber base grows by the day. On YouTube, he currently has around 1.3 million subscribers.

Despite the backlash, he has earned a large number of new admirers and viewers who like his videos.

He is as famous on Instagram as he is on his YouTube channel. He uses Instagram to share photographs and clips from his vlogs and pranks, and also challenges. He enjoys posting pictures of himself with his friends and family. He now has around one million followers on Insta.

He was also a troublemaker amongst his pals, always wanting to trick them. This paved the way for him to pursue his chosen career path.

Physical Appearance 

Shammi Prasad is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 70 kilos. His has black hair and his eye pupils are also black.

He is tall, slender, and good-looking. He doesn’t have any tattoos and has small facial hair.

Zodiac Sign

Is it true that the stars determine everyone’s success? Some individuals believe that having a good day is placed upon the stars. They also trust zodiac signs with making important life decisions. If you didn’t know, Shammi Prasad’s astrological sign is Aquarius.

Individuals who are Aquarius are clever, as per astrology. They also have an terrific imagination. 

Family/Dating Life/Relationship/Girlfriend

Sarah Rae Yong is Shammi Prasad’s current girlfriend. She is a supermodel and a prominent Instagram star. Shammi’s Instagram and funny pranks regularly feature her. He hasn’t said anything about his past relationships, and there are no photos of him with anybody. Shammi is also secretive enough to keep his romantic life hidden from the spotlight.

Shammi Prasad
Shammi Prasad with his Girlfriend Sarah Rae


In terms of his family, little is known about his parents and their location. They occasionally appear on Shammy’s social networks, but no key info has been received on them. 

Net Worth

Shammi is well-known for his jokes, blogging, and challenges on Facebook and other social media platforms. He has a great fanbase and followers all over the earth. Ads on social sites and paid sponsors are his main sources of income.

Shammi Prasad
Shammi Prasad Net Worth

Source: Instagram(@shammi_ltd)

His major source of wealth is certainly his social media handles, but he also earns fortune through sponsorship deals.

His net wealth is believed to be at $13 million as of 2021. 

He has earned great wealth as a result of his stardom. His wealth and earnings are not fully revealed to the public, although he has posted pictures from his fancy vacations across the world. He also has his own home, cars, motorcycles, and a boat.

Associated with

He would often cooperate with Jackson Odoherty on youtube projects.


Interesting Facts:

  • In 2014, he made his first Facebook post.
  • He was on the edge of going to jail after jumping from a 50-story hotel building.
  • He was also punished for delaying the Melbourne Cup.
  • His net wealth is determined to be at $13 million as of 2021.
  • Shammi Prasad & Alex Burriss are two well-known YouTubers in the United States who are known for their pranks.
  • He uploads his videos to a number of social media sites outside Facebook. Shammi can also be found on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, SoundCloud, and Myspace.
  • Shami enjoys skating, swimming, and filming videos all over the world.
  • Shammi Prasad and his brother Jayden were both born in Brisbane, Australia.
  • He sought to create a Vine account but was rejected or didn’t know how to do so.
  • He prefers to dress in vests and shorts. He claims that he is at ease in flip-flops.
  • Shammi began making 6-second videos on Facebook when he was 20 years old.
  • He began playing pranks after a while because he had been naughty since he was a child.

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