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Sarah Magusara Complete Biography

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Quick Facts: 

Who is Sarah Magusara?

Sarah Magusara is a Filipino-Australian actress and singer. She became an internet sensation because of her TikTok lip-sync and dancing videos. With over 1 billion likes on her videos, she has over 16.7 million followers on this app. Apart from posting dancing videos and vlogs on TikTok, she also has her own self-titled YouTube channel. It was July 18, 2017 that she posted her debut video on her YouTube account. ‘#reversenationchallenge’ was the name of her debut video on her YouTube account.

Sarah Magusara is the name of her YouTube channel, which she launched in 2016. She now has more than 374 thousand followers on her channel. She is also well-known on Instagram, where she has more than 1.5 million flowers to her credit. She is a well-known Tiktok celebrity who also has a large following on social media.

She is presently involved with Pieta Warbrick, with whom she has a child. They have a daughter who goes by the name of Zamira Rose. However, it is unknown whether or not the couple has any immediate plans to tie the knot.

Sarah Magusara Workout

She possesses an excellent body shape and complexion, glossy hair, a tiny waistline, an amazing figure, and a great look because of the health and fitness recommendations she gives to her clients.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful and fitness-obsessed models in the modelling industry, Sarah Magusara’s thin waistline is so tempting that anybody may fall for her.

She maintains a high level of fitness, which she accomplishes via numerous exercises, yoga, and other forms of everyday activity. However, as you are aware, following a nutritional diet is essential for maintaining a strong and healthy body.

She goes to the gym on a regular basis and does her workouts from home when she is unable to do so in person.

What is the height of Sarah Magusara?

Inquiries concerning Sarah Magusara’s height are often received from her lovers and followers, who are generally informed that she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg, whilst Isabela has brown hair and brown eyes, and she has brown eyes and brown hair.

Age, siblings, family & background

Sarah Magusara was born on the 21st of August in the year 2001. Sarah has one sister, Giselle, who is her only child. Her parents were both born and raised in the Philippines, however she was granted Australian citizenship by her mother when she was a child. In addition to maintaining close links with her family, the social media celebrity often travels with them to exotic locations across the globe.


Sarah Magusara is a young artist and Instagram & TikTok star from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is a member of the Instagram Generation.

The social media sensation started her professional career and currently has more than 1.4 million followers on her official Instagram account. Her professional development has not halted since she became well-known on Instagram and TikTok.

Social media – tiktok, instagram, youtube

Sarah has over 16.7 million followers on TikTok as of the end of September 2021, over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and over 374,000 subscribers on YouTube as of the end of September 2021.

Sarah first acquired popularity in 2014 via the social media video-sharing app, which later changed its name to TikTok. It was on this platform that she first got international attention. TikTok swiftly became a household brand because of Sarah’s upbeat dancing and joyous lip-sync videos, which she posted on the social media site.

Images from her private life as well as photographs shot when she is out modelling may be seen on Sarah’s Instagram profile. Additionally, her new baby girl has been making frequent appearances on her Instagram account lately.

Her YouTube account has Q&A videos, beauty tutorials, and lifestyle films, such as one of her family travelling together. Sarah also has a Facebook page.

Sarah Magusara Baby and Husband

Sarah made the choice to make her pregnancy and her family’s decision to be a happy experience rather than one that would perpetuate bad stereotypes about teenage parenthood and pregnancy. Young moms identify with the actress’s content about her child and parenting, and they recognise themselves in her character.

Sarah hasn’t held back when it comes to discussing her personal life. She has been dating Pieta, a man who avoids social media to a great extent. Pieta is seldom seen online as a result of his desire for seclusion, and Sarah always seeks permission before posting a photo of the two of them together. The couple has been together since the beginning of 2017.

Sarah and Pieta had their first child together in the spring of this year. The couple had their first child, a girl called Zamira Rose, in September 2019. In the actress’s opinion, the vast majority of people were supportive of her choice to become a mother at the age of seventeen.


Sarah Magusara family photo
Sarah’s Husband and Baby


As soon as she announced her pregnancy, “everyone congratulated me, and even the teachers were wonderfully courteous,” she recalled fondly.

Yes, there was a lot of hostility, but it was always coming from an unidentified individual.” “I had no clue who would make such disparaging things about me,” says Sarah. They want to have two or three more children in the future, but first and foremost, they want to get married and have a family of their own.

Sarah Magusara Net Worth

A fortunate one is Sarah Magusara, a TikTok celebrity with more than 16.5 million followers who is one of the fortunate ones. In addition, each sponsored post on her page costs her anything from $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the company. With all of her successes, her predicted net worth by 2021 will be between $1 million and $1.5 million, depending on the source.