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Marlon Webb Complete Biography

Quick facts:

 Place of Birth

Templeton, Massachusetts, United States of America

Birthday, Date of Birth

10th May 1991

Real name

Marlon Webb













Color of Eyes

Dark Brown

Color of Hair


Net Worth

$1 Million




5 ft. 8 inches


75 Kg

Bra Size

42 Inch

Body Measurements

Not Known

Breast Size

42 Inch

Waist Size

Not Known

Hips Size

Not Known

Shoe Size

Not Known

Dress Size

Not Known


Marlon Webb is a social media star who rose to success on Vine’s social media site before moving on to other platforms. On May 10, in the year 1991, he was born in Templeton, Massachusetts, United States of America. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He has over a million followers on social media sites like Facebook as well as Instagram.


Early Life and Education

Marlon was born in Templeton but grew up in Worcester, where his family had relocated. He was the middle child of three siblings, with an elder sister and a younger sister, and he was the middle kid among three siblings. From a young age, he displayed an early interest in the arts, both artistic and performing. He pursued a Visual Performing Arts degree after graduating from high school. He also played collegiate football, but he wasn’t terrific, so he changed careers.


He started his career on Vine, a video-sharing platform that encouraged users to make short-form films to share with others. Users could make six-second looping films and share them on the service’s social network, including Facebook and Twitter integration.

Many celebrities rose to prominence due to viral videos and soon gained a large following. He had over a million followers on a service with over 200 million active users during the height of his success.

It was eventually bought by Twitter in 2012, marking the end of the company’s four-year run before uploads were discontinued. Since then, the service has been decommissioned, although all Vine videos have been archived.

Migration to DIfferent Platforms

With Vine’s demise, many of the platform’s top personalities and earners moved on to other platforms to maintain their upward trajectory. While Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann attempted to establish a successor, he ran into many legal and financial issues. At the same time, other social media platforms began to include short-form video hosting, derailing the service’s progress.

Byte, the spiritual successor, is now under closed beta testing. Webb went on to his next largest audience on Facebook, one of the most popular social networking platforms and one of the most critical factors in the emergence of social media. Material creators may use the app to build fan pages for people to follow, where they can publish videos updates and have their content spread across the site. He has expanded his reach to other platforms, such as Instagram, which has become the new home for many Vine celebrities.

Instagram is a Facebook-owned social media platform that allows users to publicly publish video and photo content. Users can also share material with pre-approved followers in a private setting.

Marlon Webb Recent Projects

Marlon has been pursuing his endless love of performance by embarking on professional acting gigs in recent years. One of the first films he appeared in was “Wannabez,” He co-starred with Madison Louch and Tarjei Westby.

He worked on Denise Garcia’s film “Stay Woke!” during the same year, which he directed and wrote. The title is derived from the African-American phrase ‘awake,’ which refers to racial and social consciousness. One of his most recent acting efforts is the three-episode miniseries “Angel City Heroes,” He had a minor role in the narrative of four rejects who realise they have solid superhuman skills.

He continues to maintain his many social media profiles in addition to performing. He made a YouTube channel to enable him to publish hilarious films similar to his Vine days. As the capabilities of the websites have grown, his movies have become a little longer. Through his YouTube channel, which has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, he frequently parodies pop culture and other YouTubers. Since the channel’s inception, he has routinely posted one to two videos every week.

Marlon Webb Personal Life

Webb is single, although he has kept quiet about this aspect of his life. Arberi Ferraj, a collaborator on Vine throughout his tenure there, is one of his closest pals. They still produce films and share them on Instagram regularly.

While he primarily concentrates on comical content, he utilises many of his films to raise awareness of racial injustice and social concerns. He spends much of his time in Boston or Los Angeles, where he accomplishes most of his work. He enjoys wearing many sorts of headwear, such as hats, caps, masks, and other accessories.

His Communication with His Fans

His interaction with his viewers is not limited to reacting to comments left on his videos. He wandered the streets of Los Angeles in 2015, for example, performing live. This was the type of comedy sketch that was popular in the 1980s. “Take On Me” was their name. The video has been seen over 13 million times. As a result, the team’s tough aerobic training was not in vain. Running on the streets of Los Angeles has been done many times before.


Facts and Trivia

  • He was a member of the football team during his school days.
  • He has never been a part of any sort of controversy. He has strong working relationships with his coworkers.
  • When compared to other social media influencers, Webb’s wide thinking is what sets him apart.

He responds swiftly to any comments placed on his channel. This can only be beneficial to the developing celebrity