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Laima Vaikule Complete Biography

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Laima Vaikule BiographyQuick Facts:


Laima Stanislavovna Vaikule



Date of Birth

March 31, 1954.


67 years.











Birth Nation

USSR, Now known as Latvia.

Place of Birth



Singer, Actress and Choreographer.

Active Year

1970 to present.

Best Known for


Marital Status



Andrey Latkov



Sexual Orientation


Body type






Hair Color


Eye Color


Net worth

1.5million dollars






Laima Vaikule


Laima Vaikule

Who is Laima Vaikule?

Laima Vaikule is an actress, singer director and choreographer. Born on 31st March 1954 cesis in former USSR currently known as Latvia. She is very famous for her hits ‘Vernisage’ and ‘Charlie’. When she was 3 years old, her family had to shift to Riga. Being an extrovert kid and an enthusiast for performing arts, she had immense interest in music and dancing. The story of becoming The Laima Vaikule started at the age of 12 i.e., in 1966, she participated in a competition with few young singers, and it was there that her talent was recognized, and she gained popularity. She comes from a medical background. She completed her nursing course from Vilnius Medical College between 1970 to 1973 but she also made sure that she continued to sing with the band. Overtime, she became lead singer in one of the local bands there at Riga in Latvia. During the initial phase of her career, she performed at night clubs and restaurants for several years until she started attracting fame. In later 1980’s, she finally pursued acting from State Institute for Theatrical Arts and from there she graduated as an actor and a director. Vaikule gave her first hit in the year 1985 in the Soviet Union. Since then, she is having a fruitful career and fame and a successful collaboration with very popular Raimonds Pauls, a Latvian composer and Ilya Reznik. Her hits ‘Vernisage’, ‘Fiddler on the roof’ & ‘Charlie’ are the outcome of her collaboration with those famous composers. Jurmala Festival of popular music, a masterpiece show to showcase young talent, is Vaikule’s baby. She is the organizer of the show along with Raimonds Pauls. During the years 1980 to 1990 she participated in every international music competition and all the festivals across all the Europe. Her acting skills were celebrated by awarding her the title of National Actress of Latvia. She is seen performing and attending many social events. Her work has been recognized with many awards, one of them being the Golden Lyra at Bratislavaska Lyra in 1987. She was a guest and host of Jurmala 92 in the year 1992. She participated in ‘AU music world ‘in Monaco. For her special contribution in music culture and music industry, she was awarded the Grand Prix award. Some of her popular songs include It’s not evening yet, Yellow Leaves, what does the Pianist Play and on Piccadilly street.

Laima Vikule controversy 2018

Once the host of the Ukrainian show asked her about her view on performing in Russian-annexed Crimea to which she replied, “I won’t go there, whatever royalties they offer me.” This reply of her was considered offensive and received criticism of a Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov. Ahead of the criticism she explained that being a citizen of European Union, she has no permission to travel there. The law forbids her from travelling there and it is not that she would not want to perform there.  She took help of national television to clear the air of misunderstanding created by her statement. Later when she was asked that whether she will perform if all the permissions are in order from European Union and Russian-annexed Crimea, to which her respond was positive.

Laima Vaikule Family

One might not be wrong if they thought Laima Vaikule, a lady of personality and power and being from showbiz might have had a lot of steamy novels. But in case of Laima Vaikule, this stands wrong. All her personal time she has been involved with a single man and her first and only husband Andrei Latkovsky. She met hin in 1970’s. She got married when she was only 30 years old. Laima’s family was ordinary one and and did ordinary work for living. His farther worked in a small business and her mother started working in a small enterprise. It is also said that in 1990’s, Vaikule was detected with a deadly breast cancer. With proper care and love and support from her husband and her family she has outbeaten the the disease and is doing perfectly fine in all her aspects of her life. Her husband Andrei is a very private person, despite of being husband of a famous singer and actress, he did not express his love for her in public. Laima and Andrei have no children together. Her husband is her former bass guitarist and her former director. They were 16 when they met and 19 when they started living together. The relationship is still running strong for more than 40 years.

Laima Vaikule Social Media presence

Laima Vaikule is available on all forms and sorts of social midea be it Instagram, Twitter and facebook. She uploads her pictures and videos making her closer to her followers and for people who admire her. One of the social midea also featured her tragic story of her abortion after which she could never conceive. Life of Laima was once filled with alcoholism, drugs, and abortions. Raising above which, she is now in a better position and living in a happy marriage with her husband.

Laima Vaikule Net worth:

She is a very famous singer. A well-known actress and a director. She is currently living and working in Riga, Latvia. She also owns a second home which is in Moscow, Russia. Considering her contribution in different fields of music and movies, she is doing well. Her net worth upon research comes out to be around 1.5 million dollars.