Kristen Hanby – Complete Biography, Sister, Family, Girlfriends, Net Worth, Instagram, Age, Height

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Kristen Hanby Biography

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Kristen Hnaby photo

Quick Facts about Kristen Hanby


Kristen Hanby

Nick Name


Birth Date

8th March, 1993


28 Years Old











Birth Country          


Place of Birth

St Helier, Jersey, England


YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Star

Active year


Famous For

Prank Videos

Best Known For

Deadliest Prankster


Giselle Hanby






Natalie and Bryony


Jasmine Brownsword

Marital Status

Not Married

Sexual Orientation


Body Type

Slim Fit




5 Feet 8 Inches (1.76m)


143lbs (65KG)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Net Worth

$1.5 – $5 Million USD (Estimated)

YouTube Subscribers

3.05 Million

Facebook Followers


Twitter Followers

Account Suspended 

Instagram Followers

7.6 Million

Snapchat Name



Who is Kristen Hanby?

Kristen Hanby is one of the best English entertainers and is famous for doing deadliest pranks to his own family and on the public. Kristen is well recognized YouTuber, Facebook star, TikToker. Usually, he always make his family victim for his deadliest prank.

Kristen Hanby Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok

Kristen Hanby is super active on multiple social media platforms and uploads funny, craziest, deadliest prank videos and photos of him with his family, friends, girlfriend. Among all the social media platforms, Kristen has the highest followers in his Facebook handle (Kristen Hanby) which is about 18M Followers. In his Facebook handle, the video titled as, “CRAZIEST COUPLE ON THE INTERNET” has become the most popular video with 549M views, 3.7M likes and 198K comments which was published on July 8, 2020.

Likewise, Kristen joined the YouTube Channel (Kristen Hanby) back on Sep 21, 2021and right now he has 3.05M Subscribers and all together his it has total 576.9M views. The video which was published about Ten months ago (Jan 9, 2020) and has been titled as the “CRAZIEST COUPLE ON THE INTERNET!!! (Prank war)” has become the most popular video among all the videos of his YouTube channel. Currently, the video has 34.6M views, 140K likes and 50K dislikes.

Kirsten Hanby has second YouTube channel (The Hanby Family) joined on July 8, 2019 and has 219K subscribers with 8.2M total views in his channel.

On Instagram, Kristen Hanby (@kristenhanby) has 7.6M Followers and he has been following 782 Instagram handles. Kristen has posted 594 posts and among these posts most of the posts are videos and rest are the photos.

On TikTok, Kristenhanb (@kristenhanby123) has 7.9M Followers and he has been following 177 TikTokers. Altogether, with all the videos he has posted in TikTok has 230.6M Likes.

On Snapchat, Kristen Hanby (@Kristen12365) has 454K subscribers.

On Twitter, Kristen Hanby (@kristenhanby) account has been suspend and has no relevant information about twitter.

(Note: These all the above social media information fluctuates by time but right now while writing this article (5th June, 2021), above mentioned information is accurate)

Where is Kristen Hanby From?

Kristen Hanby was born on 8th march, 1993 which makes him 28 years old currently. He was born in St Helier, Jersey, England. Kristen. Pisces is his astrological sign. His nationality is English and belongs to the white ethic group of people. He features his entire family members in his almost all the videos pranking one by one. He is the son of Giselle Hanby (Mother) but there’s nothing available that we found about his father. Kirsten has two most beautiful sisters, one is Natalie, who is blessed with super cute daughter named Lexi Hanby and another is Bryony, who is in her school life.

Kristen Hanby with his entire family members in Christmas
Kristen Hanby Entire Family

Source: Instagram(@kristenhanby)

About his educations background, there’s nothing available in the internet and neither he talks about his education in his prank videos. After we receive information about his school and college life, we will surely update about it.

 Kristen Hanby Career

Before he got huge popularity, Kristen used to work somewhere on the small island of Jersey on building site.

Later, when he recognized his sense of humor to be a huge potential, he decided to amuse people all across the country with his sense of humor and new ideas by acting in a frame. Kristen decided to shoot prank videos and started pranking people so that he can post online on multiple social handle. So, he posted his first debut prank video which was the combination of five different prank footages combined in a single video. When he posted his first video title as “Step Brothers ‘boats and hoes’ REMAKE” in 2013 on his YouTube channel, which fortunately turned out to be his best move to roll in the journey for being pranksters. Due to that single video, he got huge popularity and subscribers.

After that, Kristen has been uploading and entertaining his fans globally with his pranks. He has huge fan base across the globe and people are always eager to see his video.

After his massive success, Kristen has been able to meet other well recognized pranksters and entertainers. He is often seen with other stars like Wood and Kleiny, Jackson Odoherty, Jamie Zhu, Ben Phillips, Julies Dein and many others.  

Kristen Hanby Girlfriend

Kristen Hanby is not married yet. However, Kristen Hany has been dating a beautiful girl named Jasmine Brownsword since past three years. Just four weeks ago they celebrated for being together for the past three years. On that beautiful day of their life, Jasmine posted a photo with a Kristen on her Instagram handle with the caption like, “The best 3 years with you”.

Kristen Hanby girlfriend Jasmine Brownsword
Kristen Hanby & His Girlfriend

Source: Instagram(@kristenhanby)

Kristen Hanby and Jasmine Brownsword both are truly in love, when Kristen was going somewhere for few days Jasmine posted a photo and wrote, “Saying goodbye to my bestfriend tomorrow for a few months whist he goes travelling…I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved so far and everything that you’re about to achieve. I love you more than you’ll ever know, see you in 2020.”

Kristen Hanby Net Worth

After gaining the huge popularity on alike multiple platforms by making craziest prank video, he has been earning sufficient to live prosperous life. His main source of income is big social media platforms life YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. He also earns huge from the commercial brand promotion, gets sponsorships for YouTube channel and also, he promotes pages of different social handle. So, the estimated Kristen Hanby Net Worth is between $1 Million to $5 Million USD.

Interesting Facts about Kristen Hanby

  • When he was on the small island of Jersey, he had a full-time job of building a site.
  • Many people believe his pranks are fearful and sometimes unwatchable.