Kallmekris(TikTok star)- Biography, Age, family, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Kallmekris Biography

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KellmekrisQuick facts:



Real Name

Kris Collins

Date of birth

1st july,1996

Place of Birth


Famous for

TikTok and YouTuber








Caucasian lineage


British Columia,Canada


TikTok Star,YouTuber,Hairdresser and fashion Blogger






Kara Lee Collins,Alissa Collins, and Jessica Collins




Public School in Canada



Eye Color



5’7” (170 cm)


55 kg (121 lbs)

Body Measurement


Bra Size

34 B

Hair Color


Shoe Size

6 (US)

Marital status



Aaron Brown

Net Worth

$2 million -$5 million










In this article, we will discuss Kallmekris, a well-known Tik Tok celebrity, model, actress, and social media influencer. Her social media handles have millions of admirers and a huge fan base.

She shared her adorable photos on Instagram. So, let’s discuss Kallmekris’s Bio, Trivia, Birthday, Height, Life, Siblings, Relationship, Family, and Other Facts.

Who is Kallmekris?

Kallmekris is a well-known Tik Tok Celebrity. She is a Model, Influencer, Lip Sync Entertainer, and Performer. 

She’s one of those rare gals who can outwit and be hilarious at the same time. It may appear that hope to accomplish and renown is simple. But it may not be worth it if you do not put in the necessary effort. Kris is another one of them who rose to celebrity. Of course, as a result of her nasty facial expressions videos.

 If you want to know more, keep scrolling and reading this. And look through Kallmekris Bio, Recent Photos, Insta Reels, and Family Info on this page. You should read this article and become familiar with all of the information on Kallmekris.

Where is Kallmekris from?

Kallmekris was born and raised in Canada on July 1, 1996. Her birth sign is Leo. She then completed her education in her homeland. She then began modeling and auditioned for movies as well as TV shows. She is a well-known Tik Tok star who posts lip-sync videos to her Ig account.

Kris’ father is a successful businessman. She also has a very tight bond with her housewife mom. She has 5 siblings, including three sisters, Kara Lee Collins, Jessica Collins, and Alissa Collins, as well as two brothers.

Kellmekris childhood pic (Source:@Intagram)

Kris Collins has always had a love for the entertainment industry. She had often wished to be a stand-up comedian. This was the key reason for her decision. Then she began sharing creative content on multiple social media networks.

She hasn’t revealed much about her education or qualifications. Her high school is complete, although the specifics of where she attended are unknown.

Her childhood was lovely, because of her parents’ proper care and affection. They were always giving her what she needed to fulfill her goals. In clear words, she had a young life that certainly helped her in making the success she is creating.

Kris began her profession as a stylist and has been practicing in this area since 2017. Kris is however a lash extension specialist. Few people are aware that she used to act on TV and movie shoots. After making it famous on social media platforms.

Kris had been working as a hairdresser for three years when the coronavirus pandemic struck, and she claims she wasn’t very good at it. Kris’ first effort at hairdressing was a disaster, as Kris’ client’s hair was gone due to a botched bleach. Collins remarked in an August 2020 Q&A, “The first week, I bleached someone’s hair and it turned green and fell off.”

Kallmekris Tiktok/Social Media 

Kallmekris is both a YouTuber and an Instagram celebrity. She is a Christian with a large fan base in Australia. She is notable for her dancing and fling videos. People are admiring the manner of her humorous and romantic clips. Kallmekris also received an Elite TikTok Comedian title.

Besides TikTok, she is a fashion blogger who publishes fashion-related content. Kris uses Instagram to keep her followers updated with her gorgeous pictures. She has almost 3.36 m YouTube subscribers. Her first video on the site, QnA, debuted on August 1, 2020.

Kallmekris Physical Attributes

She is young, gorgeous, and seductive. She has a slim build. She is incredibly famous among young people. She maintains the image of a doll. She began modeling while still in high school. She is nearly 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 56 kg. 

She maintains her slim physique. She has extraordinary broad eyes that are quite attractive, as well as long silky hair. Her attitude is quite adorable.

Kallmekris Boyfriend/Relationships

Kallmekris has been in a relationship with her lover, Aaron Brown, for a long time.

Aaron is a Twitch streamer and online gamer. He goes under the handle @aaronbrown 17 and currently has 11.9k followers.

Kallmekris with her Boyfriend Aaron Brown(Source:@Instagram)

Kris and Aaron were already together for quite some time. They were great friends before getting into a romantic relationship and always had one other’s support.

Net Worth of Kallmekris

Kallmekris has earned a sizable worth, but the specifics are still being worked out.

Any influencer gets a certain amount of money from their internet presence. They are also rewarded for brand marketing and advertising.

Kris, on the other hand, gets a good living from her profession. Because she is multi-talented, her earnings should be broad as well.

Kallmekris has NetWorth somewhere between $2 million-$5million.

Scandal And Controversies of KallmeKris

Some of her haters want to bring her down. They spread false information about her. Yet, she does not let negativity stop her from achieving her dreams. She manages to keep positive and patient in the hardships. She also doesn’t join in any events that could result in a bad rep for her.

She says “In many ways, my life has transformed. I was jobless and in a poor mental state not even nine months ago. I now have a solid career doing something I never imagined was possible. Each day, I get to laugh and smile, and I have the platform and opportunity to speak about mental health and other issues that I am passionate about.” 

” To be honest, I’m not sure yet! Tiktok, Insta, Youtube, and Twitch are just a few of the platforms where I can be seen. So I’d like to attempt to develop those platforms even more, and then maybe try my hand at acting in the upcoming years!” She said in an interview. 

Interesting Facts:

  • Her Instagram account has almost 1.3 million fans.
  • She has around 35 million supporters on Tiktok.
  • She is on TikTok as @kallmekris.
  • She held a Q&A session on her YouTube channel. Look it up here.
  • She keeps on sharing her remarkable photographs on Instagram.
  • She has a vast fanbase on social media.
  • She has operated with various other social -media influencers.
  • She is notable for her stylish impression.
  • She admires traveling.