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Josh Hartnett Complete Biography

Who is Josh Hartnett?

Josh Hartnett was born on 21 July, 1978 in, saint Paul. Minnesota, United States, his zodiac sign in cancer, and he is of American ethnicity. He is an actor best known for playing in 2001 romance action war movie pearl harbour, and a series called “ cracker “. We know that there are a lot of josh’s fan who are wanting to know the information about Josh Hartnett’s early life, net worth, personal life, for that keep reading and smiling.


Early life and education

Josh Hartnett was brought up in Minnesota, by his father Daniel Hartnett who is a building manager and his mother Wendy Anne Hartnett who is an artist. Josh has two brothers and one sister, Joe Hartnett, Jake Hartnett and Jessica Hartnett. Josh is the only actor in the house of Hartnett. His siblings are all from his step mother whose name is molly.

When josh was only 2 years old, josh accidentally boiled his hand with hot water, his parents had to rush to the nearest hospital.

Josh Hartnett went to Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School in Saint Paul where he gained fascination in religion. Later that school he went to another high school in Minnesota Cretin-Dirham Hall High School. He then completed his graduation from purchase college in New York city.

While he was in high school he played football a lot with his friends, but then he stopped playing football after an injured knee.

Josh Hartnett  physical appearance

Josh is 6ft 2inches tall (1.9 m) and weights around 87kg (191lbs). He has an athletic body shape as he is an actor he should have to be in a good shape. His body measurements are 99-86-33cm, waist is 99cm, hips is 86cm. He too has a beautiful appearance, with brown eyes and brown hair. His physical trainer is unknown.


Josh Hartnett  appearance in TV shows

Josh’s first appearance in the TV show was in a short film “Debutante”, as a character named Bill.

His first ever featured movie was released on 1998 named as “Halloween H20: 20 years later”, where he played as a character named John Tate, and for that movie he was nominated two awards for the film.

Josh also has a first TV series called “Cracker” which played on the channel ABC crime drama, josh played an important role in the series as Michael “fitz” of 16 episodes.

Josh Hartnett Personal life- Love-life, relationships and friends.

Josh Hartnett has being in a relationship a lot, because he is a sweet and loving man.

In 2001, it was rumoured that josh and Monet Mazur are dating during the filming of movie, 40 days and 40 nights.

In 2004, it was rumoured that josh and Kristen dunst are in a relationship after being spotted kissing and hugging each other in the night spot of Los Angeles.

In 2004, an Ukrainian actress named daria werbowy and josh were in relationship for short period of time.

From 2005 to 2007, Scarlett johnasson and josh were in a relationship for two years, but they broke up because they wanted to focus on there careers.

Josh was also in a relationship with the singer Rhianna for a very short period of time from October 2007 to December, because they were not getting along.

In 2010 Sophia Lie a model or Norwegian who is about 10 years junior, they were seen together wherever they go.

Helena Christensen who is a Danish fashion model, josh and Helena were rumoured to be dating, but then Helena wrote all things about josh and her in the magazine, that they are just close friends.

In 2010, there was a rumour that Katharina Damm and josh were dating, because they met in a party were josh was a host.

In 2010, it was rumoured that Josh was in a relationship with Romina Ferra, when they were spotted taking pictures at the music festival.

In 2012 Amanda Seyfried were in relationship with josh for a long time, but they broke up because they were distant.

In 2012, Tamsin Egerton who is an English actress, and is 10 years younger than josh started dating in July 2012. They first met in 2013 during a film set “the lovers”. They have three children together, and they secretly married on November 5, Town Hall in London, England.

Josh Hartnett Hobbies and other interests

Apart from acting, josh also loves reading books and novels, his favourite book Is On the Road (By Jack Kerouac), The People’s Act Of Love (By James Meek).

He also has favourite actors and actress like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jimmy Stewart, Ethan Hawke.

Josh also has a favourite colour which is blue colour.

We all like the smell of different kind of thing so does josh, his favourite smells are of The smell of ocean, rain, coffee in the morning.

When josh was in high school he played football a lot with his classmates, until he injured his knee.

Josh is also a great fan of music he likes to play jazz music.

Josh likes to spend most of the times with his wife. Josh goes to gym 4 times a week, his personal trainer is not known.

Josh Hartnett Net Worth

Are you wondering how much does josh Hartnett makes per annum, according to credible recourses his is predicted to be around $25 million dollars as of 2022.