Chayce Beckham – Complete Biography, Wikipedia, American idol Winner, Accident, Height, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriends

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Chayce Beckham Biography

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Chayce Beckham Biography

Chayce Beckham biography
Chayce Beckham biography

Quick Facts about Chayce Beckham


Chayce Beckham

Nick Name

Chayce Beckham

Date of Birth

18 July 197


Apple Valley, California






Apple Valley, California


Singer and songwriter




70 kg

Zodic Sign



Terry Peterson (step)


Windie Lynn Peterson




Four sisters including Tiffani and Madison


Lee University








@chaycebeckhammusic (192k followers)


30.4k likes and followers




chaycebeckhammusic (2k followers0

Net worth

$250 thousand

Who is Chayce Beckham?
Chayce Beckham is a well-recognized singer, songwriter from southern California. He is additionally the winner of American Idol season 19. He was within the top 3 beside Grace Kinstler and Willie Spence.

Chayce Beckham Social Media
Regarding his social media presence, Chayce does not like to spend time on social media. However, Chayce has over 192K followers on her official Instagram account (@chaycebeckhammusic). Besides, he also uses Twitter with around 14k followers. He has a Tiktok account named chaycebeckhammusic with around 2k followers. In addition, Beckham is also available on Facebook with around 30.4k fans and supporters.

Chayce Beckham Early Life

Chayce Beckham was born in Apple valley California USA. on 18th July 1997.He is the son of Windie Lyann Peterson, and his biological father isn’t known. However he was raised by his stepdad Terry Peterson. Besides that, he has siblings including Taffini Beckham and Madison Beckham.
From very young age he enjoys playing instruments like Vocals, Piano and Guitar. And has great interest in playing music and writing songs. He used to play music in the church and sometimes at the street corners. Hence, he got more experienced with playing music and different instruments during his childhood. He used to practice more different musical instruments. He had great support from his family.
Meanwhile they also wanted him to complete his graduation. He has worked with different music company as a part time work. However he has worked very hard and learned from his failures to become win the title of American Idol season 19 which he truly deserved. He has done his graduation from Lee University.

Chayce Beckham Career
Earlier, Chayce has worked as a heavy machinery operator for three years. Besides, he also worked for a company that rents out construction equipment like forklifts and tractors.
However, he was a member of reggae music. But later, he started to sing his own and opened new band name “Sinking Sailors” with his four friends. In the year 2017 they released a pair of Eps titled” Take it Easy” and “Long Sips and Bong Rips” in the year 2018.

Journey to American Idol winner title
At the American Idol audition, the singer sang “What Brings Life Also Kills”, by Colton Moore and Cleaver. The judges were very surprised by his performance and eventually, Beckham earned a golden ticket to Hollywood. Famous personality as well as one of the judges, Katy Perry mentions her voice felt like the heart of American and even dubbed her as the top-five contender of the season.
Also he sang “You Should Probably Leave” by Chase Stapleton. But it did not reach the level of his prestige. However, after performing live, Chayce showed his value and won the hearts of his audience, fans and judges.

Beckham sang “Afterglow” by Ed Sheeran and “Incubus” and reached the top 16 spots. Likewise, they decided to secure the top 12, and there they sang “Everything I Do I Do It for You” by Bryan Adams. Chayce then moved into the top 10 spots. Later, he sang an original song called “Magic” by Coldplay and “Muma” in the Top 7 rounds.

Chayce Beckham in American Idol
Chayce Beckham in American Idol

Source: Instagram(@chaycebeckhammusic)

Upon reaching the finale, m Chayce was one of the three finalists. His other fellow contestants were Grace Kinsler and Willie Spencer. He sang “Blackbird” Judge’s Choice Song “Fire Away” Hometown song and “Afterglow-Reprise” song during winning the title of the Grand finale of American Idol on May 23, 2021.

He released his new single, 23, and it listed at number 1 on the iTunes Country Chart on 14, 2021. Additionally, he got a deal with Disney-owned Hollywood Records.

Chayce Beckham Personal life

Many viewers of American Idol are interested in knowing the dating status of the attractive singer. However, Chayce has not been very open to talk about her dating life. While her Instagram does not suggest her to be one.
Nonetheless, he may have dated in the past and are probably single now. Also, there is no highlight story of romantic partner on his Instagram. Currently he is enjoying his life with his family and friends.

Chayce Beckham with his sisters
Chayce Beckham with his sisters

Source: Instagram(@chaycebeckhammusic)

Chayce Beckham Net worth
When Chayce Beckham won the American idol season 19 he got $125 thousand. He also got $125 for the album which has to be completed within four months. Before that he was also earning from music albums. In conclusion, he has approximately $250 thousand.

Chayce Beckham car accident
Chayce got serious accident on October 31st, 2020 according to the media source.
He mentioned that he was consuming a high dose of alcohol and had an accident on his way back home. Beckham’s car overturned and ended up along the highway in an upside-down position.
Later, Beckham was taken to the hospital and was on a full recovery treatment at the time of the accident.

Similarly, he has also mentioned his life to be like a rollercoaster ride. Chase has experienced many ups and downs in his life before entering American Idol.

He lived with his mother and stepfather while recovering from a terrible accident.
Moreover, it was his family that inspired him to audition for American Idol, as he needed to overcome the bad experience and move on in his life.

Beckham told “Test of Country” that the accident was a major turning point in his life.
“Finally, I got up and came, and I remember looking up, and there was no one to pull me up, there was no one like, ‘Come on, man.
He also told that night was worst night of his life.

Some secret/interesting fact of Chayce Beckham:
• He is not really like to spend time on social media, for him family is more important he spends most of his time quality time with and his friends
• His personal information about his girl friend and other details was not mentioned yet, he is a rare social media person he uses Instagram for some amount of time but can’t see regular updates.
• Besides, he is also a lyricist and blessed to write his own song along with singing.
• He has moved on from his rough times during the times he battled alcoholism while auditioning for American Idol.
• He got the serious accident on 31st October 2021.But he recovered after getting proper treatment.
• His great character is the sole reason for holding great heights, he is simply a man of positivity, and his positive attitude managed him from various situations, mostly during competition
• Being a singer, he worked very hard to release his own music all over the world, although he had a big dream of releasing his own solo performance, his determination has taken him to great heights. His song will release in the year 2021, while the date was not fixed yet.
• Lesser known, while music is a Chayce’s passion, he is also working in a construction rental company, a part-time job.