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Bella Poarch Biography

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Bella PoarchQuick facts:


Bella Poarch

Birth Name

Bella Poarch

Nick Name


Date of Birth

9th February,1997

Place of Birth



Social Media Star

Famous for

TikTok Lip-Sync








5’7” (173 cm)


56 kg (123 lbs)

Body measurement


Bra size

27 C

Shoe size

5 (US)

Eye Color


Hair Color


Relationship Status







Bella Poarch





Who is Bella Poarch?

Bella Poarch is the world reknown singer of “Build a B*tch” and a TikTok mega star. Her fate rose when she created the most popular video on TikTok which was uploaded on 17 august, 2020.

Bella Poarch is best known for her hypnotizing and charming lip sync videos. She became an online commotion after an uploading a video of her lip syncing and giving rhythmic jumps to the song “Soph Aspin Send” by British rapper Millie B went viral. This video was uploaded on the web on August 17 and in less than a month became the most admired video on TikTok.

In the months following the release of the original video, Poarch has become one of TikTok’s most popular stars with more than 40 million followers.

 Poarch’s fame on TikTok is built on her cuteness and charm and is garnished with a dash of popular video games and other gothic content.

She also widened her limitations in the music industry and released her first single in May 2021; which is still instilled in the hearts of numerous.Bella Poarch



Bella Poarch was born on 8th February 2001 and is 20 years old as in 2021. The star’s height is 5 feet 2 inches. According to her peers, she has a curvy hourglass body and has numerous tattoos printed on her body.

Where is Bella From?

Bella has a cute, kind and charming aura around her, and everyone around her is attracted to her owing to her simplicity, childish nature and kindness.

Bella Poarch is the real life Cinderella except there is no prince charming or fairy god mother.

During birth, Bella was a gift to a Filipino couple. Her grandmother nurtured her till the age of three; later on she was adopted by her adoptive family. Her step father is an American who formerly served in the United States military while her step mother was a Filipino like her.

 In an interview, she said that she and her adoptive brother were severely mistreated during their childhood until her enlistment in the army. When she was only seven she was weighed down with countless responsibilities of the farm. While she loathed and toiled the whole day, her sisters enjoyed the princess treatment. Poarch says her father was verbally and physically abused, while her mother did not interfere. She was burdened with the duty of working the whole day in the farm and was treated cruelly. There was no proper food or clothes for her. Even the kids in her school bullied her for she had the farm-smell coming from her.

Bella and her little brother were prohibited from to sit on the sofa and did not even have the right to drink a glass of water without their parents’ consent. The worst part of she was also forbidden to shower after cleaning the farm and had to stay with the smell of animal-poop.

Even though the school was not her happy place, yet it was her escape. She thrived in school, and earned 36 medals in numerous artistic and singing competitions. However, her parents were completely of her triumphs as she always kept it a secret from them.

After a few years, she and her step parents moved to San Francisco where they decided to live with their cousin for a while and then the family finally moved to Texas when she was only 13. She says the abuse here has decreased, but her father was still mentally abusing her at home.

Music career

As Bella created her TikTok account, she enthusiastically posted TikTok videos on gaming and cosplay content. However, her life took the 180-degree turn in August 2020, when her lip-syncing videos went viral and ended up becoming the most liked TikTok video of all time. 

In May 2021, she took one of the most crucial steps in her life, and Poarch signed a music recording bond with Warner Records. On May 14, 2021, the world welcomed Bella’s debut single, “Build a Bitch” in no time. 

Billboard exclaimed that the new music video was an amazing representation of a dark and bold new kind of pop, made under Daniel Virgil Maisonneuve’s production, best known as Sub Urban. The video also has clips portraying world-famous personalities Mia Khalifa, Bretman Rock and ZHC. 

In one of her podcast interviews of the 100 Thieves -“The CouRage and Nadeshot Show,” Poarch exclaimed that the song holds a special history and mystery in her life. It darts back to when she was bullied and had the inner desire to become a globally recognized singer ever since she was a kid.

Furthermore, exploring her music career, she released the music video “Inferno” in collaboration with Sub Urban. The music video portrays the sexual assaults suffered by Bella. In the clip, she is pinned and dragged into an elevator, but inside, she gains strength and struggles and fights back harder than ever.

Bella Poarch and Stuffed Alpaca

Poarch has a soft side for her stuffed alpaca animal and has uploaded several videos with them. In 2020, she even released the RIPNDIP x Paca Collaboration limited fashion clothing line as a tribute to her stuffed toys.

She is often spotted making videos with her cute stuffed alpacas.

Bella Poarch and her tattoos

Bella Poarch is full of tattoos! She said in her interview that the tattoos help her cover up her scars from her painful childhood. The TikTok star is a huge simp for inked tattoos and is especially in love with the feathered wings traced on her back that reach her arms. She also has this tattoo of a bow on the back of her thighs and has some writings on her chest.

Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch Tattoo


Bella recently embarked on a rising sun tattoo on herarm, unaware that the tattoo implies Japanese militarism and colonial rule. Seeing the TikTok star’s ignorance, many angered informed her about the racist element hidden in her tattoo. Bella at once presented her apology to the media for being ignorant about the matter.

Bella Relationship Status /Boyfriend
She didn’t give any ideas about her love life. She is currently single and has not had a romantic relationship with anyone. Furthermore, she was spotted posting videos with rapper Tyga in September 2020 for TikTok lip-syncing and dance videos together. Once there was rumor that they were dating. But they denied the rumor. You can say she is very focused on her career on social media. And there is also no information about her previous relationships

Bella Net Worth

As we know, she is an American TikTok Star and social media personality so she has great source of income. She touted to stardom for her dance video, lip-syncs to trending songs on her TikTok account. As in 2021,her net worth is predicted over $300,000 and still counting on. Thus, we can say she is living a decent lifestyle.

Some interesting facts:
• Bella is a tattoo lover, and we can see tattoo all over her body.
• There are no information about her parents on internet.
• She has huge fan followers on social media platform like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.
• She is a pet lover
• Bella has interest in dancing and singing.
• Since her childhood, she always dreamed of becoming an actress.
• Her YouTube channel is growing at a rapid rate