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Bae Suzy Biography

Who is Bae Suzy?

Bae Suzy is a very popular South Korean actress and a wonderful singer who gained so much fame as a member of the popular Korean girl group ‘miss A’ before pursuing a career in entertainment. She was born and brought up in Gwangju, South Korea, and has always known what she wants to do with her life. She was also a well-organized child, which is a rare achievement for millennial children. After graduating from her high school, she went on to study at the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, where she began her modeling career at the age of fifteen.

The judges initially adored her when she auditioned for the talent competition program “Mnet Superstar K.” Still, she couldn’t hold her own against the more skilled competitors and was subsequently dismissed. She was not deterred, and she established a female group with JYP Entertainment, which was named ‘miss A’ after her. Following her exciting success in the music industry, she transitioned into acting, appearing in films such as ‘Architecture 101’ and ‘Sound of a Flower’ and television shows such as ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ and ‘My Love from the Star.’ She released her first solo album, titled ‘Yes? No?’ in 2017, and she was looking forward to the premiere of her new television program, ‘While You Were Sleeping, which was released in the year 2018.

Bae Suzy’s Age, Height, and Physical stats

So, how old is Bae Suzy in 2021, and what is her height and weight are we to know? In any case, Bае Suzу is 27 years old as of today, October 29, 2021, having been born on October 10, 1994. She is 5′ 6′′ in height, 168 centimeters in length in centimeters, and weighs around 103 lb in pounds and 47 kg in kilograms. The color of her eyes is black, and the color of her hair is Dаrk brown.

Bae Suzy’s Background and Family

Bae Suzy was born in the year 1994, on October 10, in Buk District, Gwangju, situated in South Korea. She is currently 27 years of age.

Her father is named Bae Wan-Young, and her Mother’s name is Jeong Hyun-Sook. She has two siblings – one sister and one brother. She was raised with them. Her sister’s name is Su-bin, and her brother’s name is Sang-moon.

She was very fond of music ever since her early childhood, and the love only continued to grow stronger. She used to listen to every kind of genre, from classical Korean music to Western music.

She dreamed of getting enrolled in the School of Performing Arts Seoul, and her parents were very supportive of her dreams and decisions. She worked really hard to gain the skill of an outstanding and cherished actress and a brilliant stage performer.

Bae Suzy’s Boyfriend

The year 2015 saw the beginning of Bae Suzy’s relationship with Lеe Min Ho. They even had a second wedding anniversary celebration. When the couple’s schedules began to cause disagreements, on November 16, 2017, the news of their break up was all over the news.

Bae Suzy’s Education

She received her bachelor’s degree in Seoul’s School of Performing Arts in 2013. Before she started her successful acting career, she worked as an online shopping model.

Bae Suzy’s Career

Bae Suzy started as a trainee at a famous talent agency JYP entertainment. Along with two other females called Fei and Jia, she created their own group, and later, on March 10, Min joined the group.

The group made their final debut with a track named ‘Bad Girl Good Girl, which was a smash among the Korean youth and ‘miss A’ continued on marketing the song around the nation and towards the end of the year 2010, came another one of their hits titled ‘Breath’.

In the middle of the year 2011, the group came out with their very first album named ‘Class A,’ which was a great financial and critical success, and the group went on a statewide concert to promote their record. For a short amount of time in the same year, the group embarked on an overseas tour, visiting China and returned back to Korea with their next effort, a studio album named ‘Touch’ in early 2012.

Apart from music, Bae Suzy kept herself occupied with other hobbies as well. She was picked to host various award ceremonies and music programs such as ‘Show! Music Core’, ‘M! Countdown’, ‘Seoul Music Awards and the ‘Golden Disk Awards. She was gaining fame and acting offers had already begun flooding down on her.

In January of the year 2012, Bae Suzy made her successful acting debut with a drama, ‘Dream High’, which was known to be a high school drama for SBS industry. She was then also credited with creating the official OST of the show, titled ‘Winter Child’. The drama became immensely famous in Korea and globally as well, the fan base of the program continued expanding and at the KBS Drama Awards, Bae Suzy received two honors for her performance.

Awards won by Bae Suzy

Her Uncontrollably Fоund film earned the Best Actress Award at the 2016 SA Film Festival. In the year 2016, she had won the Best Actress Award at the 2016 SA Film Festival.

Her most recent award came in the form of the а еlеbrity wаrd, which she has received by the end of the Year Awards in 2018.

In 2012, she was named the Best Newcomer for Architecture 101 at the Saekang International Art Awards.

These are just a couple of the several awards that Bae Suzy has received, there are so many more.

Bae Suzy’s Net Worth

According to the records, she will have a net worth of $25 million by the end of the year 2021.

In unquestionable terms, Bаe Suzу is оnе of the most important celebratory events in South Korea. She has tried her best at a variety of things and has been very successful in a number of them, which she shares with us. We can’t wait to see what happens. We’ll see what Bae Suzy has in store for us in the near future.